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9-7 Supermarket offers a relaxing shopping experience with diversified products at competitive prices as well as high-quality gourmet groceries all year round.Our supermarket located in the heart of VI is filled with goods that you will love. With a large range of organic goods, a select gourmet section, a fantastic butchery, a diverse variety of cheese and dairy products, and a great produce area, you will not need to go anywhere else!. 


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    15% off if you open account with 9 to 7…
    Open an account with us and enjoy 15% off your shopping. hurry now and get an account with us now… (Read More)
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    Five Things to Always buy in Bulk
    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to buy everything in bulk to save tons of money  (Read More)
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    Rising demands for food safety and sustainability
    Retailers are turning to creatively designed packaging as a way to meet rising consumer demands...   (Read More)
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    Groceries within Walking Distance
    Best gourmet store! Great for anything you may need during your stay in Lagos. (Read More)
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